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Informative process for the Beatification of Matt Talbot

Following his death word of his holiness began to spread, Matt's good friend Ralph O'Callaghan asked Sir Joseph Glynn if he would write a story about the life of Matt Talbot. The first short biography written by Sir Joseph Glynn in 1926, sold in excess of 120,000 copies on the first publication. Later Joseph Glynn would write the first book on Matt Talbot called, Life of Matt Talbot, published in 1928.

Cardinal Verdier Archbishop of Paris

The story of Matt Talbot a poor worker who was born in a Dublin tenement, poorly educated, who often wore second-hand cloths, died in a laneway and was buried in a paupers grave, inspired the hearts of the nation and eventually the world, such was the demand from the faithful that in 1931, Archbishop Edward J Byrne of Dublin, opened the Informative process for the Beatification of Matt Talbot.

Meanwhile the International Eucharistic Congress of 1932 enabled pilgrims from around the world to hear about Matt Talbot. Among those pilgrims was a memorable visit by Cardinal Verdier Archbishop of Paris, who was deeply impressed by Matt and remarked upon the atmosphere of sanctity in his little flat at no. 18 Upper Rutland Street, stating that 'one felt compelled to kneel and pray.'

In 1949 as part of the normal process towards beatification the second inquiry began and on 29th June 1952 the remains of the Servant of God was exhumed and removed from the grave where he had been buried to a vault in the central circle of Glasnevin beneath the O'Connell monument. One of those present had been an altar-boy in St. Joseph's Church Berkley Road where Matt use to pray; he was the President of Ireland, the late Sean T O'Kelly.

In 1972 Matt's remains were once again removed this time to be placed in a purpose built shrine of Wicklow granite in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Sean McDermott Street, the parish in which Matt had lived at 18, Upper Rutland Street. On 3rd October 1975 Matt was declared venerable by Pope Paul VI.

Exhumation of Matt's body Exhumation of Matt's body







Matt's remains in a purpose built shrine of Wicklow graniteExhumation of Matt's body